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En Route Simplicity

a journey to become a minimalist

I have a problem.

For starters, I’m living in a 900 +/- sq ft home with my husband, two small children (ages 3 and 1.5 years), two big dogs, small cat, and in some cases over-sized furniture. Of course, it doesn’t help that I have a side business, photography gear, art stuff, and more books than I can handle.

I’ll admit I have a fear of letting things go in case I might need them again one day. Which can be a self-fulfilling prophecy since as soon as I get rid of something, I will undoubtedly find myself in a situation where I end up thinking, “See? I could’ve used that.”

The lack of space and the headaches has brought me to my limit. I might not be a full fledged “pack rat” but there should be MUCH more breathing room – or at least room to walk from Point A to Point B without feeling like I’m in a corn maze.

That being said, I have decided to chronicle my journey toward a minimalist life. This will not be an easy journey but my intention is to let go of things that don’t serve me (hello, clutter) and hang onto things that matter the most (my sanity). Hopefully, you will be able to follow this process, take away tidbits that might enhance your own life, and give me a good kick in the pants when I need it.

I haven’t decided if I should set a goal – A time limit? A deadline? – for this journey. I’m sure it’s always a conscious effort to keep things balanced and minimal (out with the old, in with the new) but who knows how long venture like this will take? I’m open to suggestions if any of you veterans have them.

It might be a scary road but it’s time.


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