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En Route Simplicity

a journey to become a minimalist

My family and I have been MIA in the Great Northwoods of NH. This is Day 7. Only 2 more days to go.

In true Northwoods fashion we are tenting it. So far we’ve had a few fair days, a couple of scorchers, and a few downpours (one of which prompted us to purchase a 20×30 tarp to avoid flooding again).

While some of my friends have deemed me suitable for the “FuNnY fArM,” I have truly enjoyed my time here.

Now I don’t really want to be worried about river potential in my sleeping area on a regular basis but I am very much drawn to the simplicity of living outdoors. We have a set amount of clothes, supplies, and entertainment. And boredom is not an issue because that’s when we get to talking or going for a walk. Or playing in the waterfall.

Our little ones have adjusted quite nicely too. Our tent is home. I wish we could be here longer. It has really given me insight into what I’ve been needing at home. It’s enforcing my decision to pare down and bring things to a simpler level.


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